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Main objectives of our project:

- to give information about creating of the video games and competitions.

- to describe the process of playing.

- to analyze the difference between different games.

- to inform about advantages and drawbacks of e-sport.

- to analyze what percent of Russian people are involved in computer games and people of what age and sex prefer playing esport nowadays.

The summary: Electronic sports (or e-sports) is a term for organized video game competitions, especially between professionals. The most common video game genres associated with electronic sports are real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena.Tournaments such as the The International, the Evolution Championship Series, and the Intel Extreme Masters provide both live broadcasts of the competition, and cash prizes to competitors.

Although esports have long been a part of video game culture, competitions have seen a large surge in popularity in recent years. While competitions before around the year 2000 were largely between amateurs, the proliferation of professional competitions and growing viewership now supports a significant number of professional players and teams, and many video game developers now build features into their games designed to facilitate such competition.

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История Килта The subject of our investigation is the Scottish kilt. Our project is mainly devoted to the history of developing of the most recognizable traditional clothes of Highland Scots.

Main objectives of our project:

- to give information about creating of the kilt in early years.

- to describe the process of weaving kilts.

- to show how to choose design and colour of the kilt.

- to analyze the difference between clans and their kilts.

- to investigate Highland dresses for men and women.

- to tell you about accessories which are worn with kilts.

- to inform you how to care for the kilt.

- to prove that Scottish kilt is still popular.

The summary:

The tartan kilt has long been the most recognizable cultural tradition of the Highland Scots. Yet, many of the most common features and associated with the wearing of the kilt were, in fact, developed in the 19th century, not by Scottish Highlanders, but by the Nobles of England and Scotland.

A traditional Scottish kilt is made with 8 yards of material - always 100 percent wool. It should sit high on the waist, with the bottom edge at the centre of the knee. Eight - yard kilts weigh a heavy 6 pounds and swing rhythmically when marching or dancing. Casual and traditional kilts are generally acceptable at both formal and informal events. Sporrans are usually made of plain leather for day wear.

Sporrans made from animal furs are popular for evening wear.

During the 1800s, the wearing of the belted plaid began to be exchanged for that of the kilt. The belted plaid, being a one - piece, six foot long cloth, belted about the waist with the remainder being worn up about the shoulder, was proving to be somewhat inconvenient to wear. A new, little kilt design became popular, and it consisted of a plaid which had the traditional pleats permanently sewn in place, and separated the lower from the upper half, allowing the upper section to be removed when it became convenient.

In 1747 the Government, weary of being called to quell Highland uprisings, passed the Dress Act restricting the wearing of Highland plaid in any form in public. Punishment for a first offence was a 6 month imprisonment, a second offence earned the wearer a 7 - year exile to an oversea work farm.

Even the Bagpipes were outlawed, being considered an instrument of war. Only those in the army were permitted to wear the plaid, and as a result more comfortable traditional dress.

By the time the Dress Act was repealed in 1783, Celtic life had been forever altered and many of the old traditions and customs were lost forever. In spite of efforts revive the traditions, wearing the plaid was seen as only a nationalistic statement, and was no longer considered a way of life for Highlanders. The plaid now became more of a fashion experiment for the elite of England society.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, the precise manufacturing and replication made possible by machinery, allowed the mass reproduction of the kilt.


So, we made the questionnaire and interviewed 105 pupils from 14 up to 16 years old. The results were following: 90% of female part of respondents want to wear multicolored skirts in stripes and checks.

We were surprised that 30% of male part of respondents want to wear kilts. So, the aim of our work is to show peculiarities of Scottish kilts and to explain their popularity among people. What is more this project show us that not only Scots like to wear kilts but there are also many people in Russia who would like to wear them with pleasure.

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70 летию Великой победы "От каменного ножа до катюши" В работе прослеживается история оружия с древних времен до настоящего времени

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Как стать гением в живописи According to the estimations of the sociologists there are three painters who are the best-known in the world. They are Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. As a rule Da Vinci represents Old Masters, Van Gogh – impressionism and postimpressionism and Picasso – abstractionism and modernism. Most people imagine Leonardo not only as a famous artist but as universal genius, Picasso as a man of the world the struggler for peace all over the world, and Van Gogh personifies the real painter. One of the aims of my work to study profoundly their biographies and to explain what it means to be a genius in art.

In my work I traced the biographies of these three genuine painter, tried to find out and to investigate the peculiarities of their styles of drawings, find unique features which belong only to these painters and make them stand apart in the row of other masters Drawing the conclusion I should mention that to be a genius in art means

1. To introduce the innovations, to be in front of you time (even if you aren‘t understood by contemporaries)

2. To be precise in detail, to possess unique technique of drawing.

3. To have rich even grand fantasy and power of imagination (some images in the canvases may be far from reality)

4. There should be some intrigue and even mystery in each work, something that escapes from the viewer.

5. Genius is a gifted person from nature, but without hard work and sacrificing your time and even private life you ll never achieve anything.

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Секреты Цивилизации Майя The events of 2012 when all the tabloids wrote about the end of the world attracted my attention and I decided to make a research about Mayas civilization, its periods of flourishing and destruction. In my research I used the methods of analyzing of different sources of information about this civilization, the periods of ups and downs of its development and tried to find and compare different versions of unexpected disappearance of this civilization.

By far the greatest civilization in Central America before the Spanish Conquest was the Maya.

They were outstanding in many different ways. They built magnificent cities with huge stone temples and pyramids. Yet they had no knowledge of the wheel or metal tools. The great Mayans developed an advanced system of writing, mathematics and astronomy, which they used to calculate an accurate calendar. The ancient Maya lived in a society where religion was part of their daily life. The cosmological beliefs of the Maya are not fully known, for the only direct source of knowledge comes from the sculptured, and painted representations from their ceremonial sites. However, it is known that they worshipped hundreds of different gods. The Maya people can be described as short and sturdily built, with broad heads and receding jaws. The ancient Mayans can be long remembered for their remarkable advances of the arts, science, and religion The art of the Maya has been called the richest of the New World because of the great complexity of patterns and variety of media expressions.

The Mayans also expressed themselves artistically. Their ceramics were made in a large variety of forms and decorated with complex scenes. The Mayans also designed works of art from flint, bone and shell, along with making decorated cotton textiles.

The Mayans concept of the cosmos is more complex than the western religion. It is apparent that religion was an important part of all Mayan life, and confirmation proves that religion and the Mayan calendar were so inter-woven because of the ceremonies that were held regularly in connection with the Mayans advanced calendar.

No one really knows what the cause of the Mayans decline. What they do know is that overpopulation occurred as well as over use of land. Therefore fewer crops grew each year. This period also consisted of warfare of the city states. This disrupted their trade. There could have been a possible drought and as a result, there was movement to a better location. In the late 800s, the most Mayans abandoned their cities. There were very few cities left, but they managed to survive.

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Информационная война: чума 21 века или игра в политику?

We want to dedicate our project to IW. The term Information Warfare (IW) is primarily a United States Military concept involving the use and management of information and communication technology in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. Information Warfare, which involves operational security, electronic warfare (EW), psychological operations (PSYOPs), deception, physical attack on information processes, and information attack on information processes, is used in order to demoralize or manipulate the enemy and the public, undermining the quality of opposing force information and denial of information-collection opportunities to opposing forces.

We ought to understand that Information is a weapon, and just like an army invests in tanks and planes, the army must also invest in information weapons. The army must develop abilities and skills that are not always considered as an intrinsic part of its activities – such as computer games, culture products, video clips, and television programs.

So, we want to accent that Information Warfare can take many forms:

• television and radio transmission(s) can be jammed

• television and radio transmission(s) can be hijacked for a disinformation campaign

• logistics networks can be disabled

• enemy communications networks can be disabled or spoofed

• stock exchange transactions can be sabotaged, either with electronic intervention, by leaking sensitive information or by placing disinformation

• drones and other surveillance robots

• communication management

The goal of the project:

To investigate consequences of Information Warfare by virtue of analyzing its reasons. Also, trying to make the problem elucidative.

Tasks of the project:

Aim is achieved through the following tasks:

1) to study reasons of Information Warfare;

2) to investigate electronic versions of mass media (The Times, The Guardian, BBC, etc.) and to read literature devoted to the topic;

3) to take opinion polls among different aged people;

4) to make a publication of scientific article (we were working on the internet) in order to increase popularizing the Information Warfare topic.

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Виртуальная экскурсия по Букенгемскому дворцу The main aim of my project is to create the virtual excursion around Buckingham palace from the view of the Russian tourist. Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the British monarch. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is a setting for state occasions and royal hospitality. Making this excursion I decided to penetrate and observe the history of building and reconstruction of the Palace, the changing of the dcor of the State room with the time and evolution of British society. Choosing the root I tried to find the details which are interesting to Russian people.

Originally known as Buckingham House, the building which forms the core of today's palace was a large townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 on a site which had been in private ownership for at least 150 years. It was subsequently acquired by George III in 1761 as a private residence for Queen Charlotte, and known as "The Queen's House". During the 19th century it was enlarged, principally by architects John Nash and Edward Blore, forming three wings around a central courtyard. Buckingham Palace finally became the official royal palace of the British monarch on the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. The last major structural additions were made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the East front which contains the well-known balcony on which the Royal Family traditionally congregate to greet crowds outside. However, the palace chapel was destroyed by a German bomb in World War II; the Queen's Gallery was built on the site and opened to the public in 1962 to exhibit works of art from the Royal Collection.

The original early 19th-century interior designs, many of which still survive, included widespread use of brightly coloured scagliola and blue and pink lapis, on the advice of Sir Charles Long. King Edward VII oversaw a partial redecoration in a Belle epoque cream and gold colour scheme. Many smaller reception rooms are furnished in the Chinese regency style with furniture and fittings brought from the Royal Pavilion at Brighton and from Carlton House. The Buckingham Palace Garden is the largest private garden in London.

I think that my investigation will be helpful for teachers of English and those who are interested in British culture.

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Великобритания – страна традиций Объект исследования – необычное в традициях и обычаях в Великобритании.

Изучение культурных традиций, в частности изучение особенностей празднования различных фестивалей, обычаев, принятых народами Великобритании в наши дни, можно говорить об актуальности данной темы. Учитывается и то, что теме уделяется мало внимания в школьной программе.

Цель работы - изучить культурные традиции и обычаи Великобритании и особенности их проведения.


- познакомиться с праздники в Британии;

- исследовать особенности проведения праздников;

- изучить культурные традиции относительно общих праздников;

- изучить необычные традиции и обычаи в Британии;

- изучить роль праздников в культурной жизни страны.

Гипотеза заключается в том, что данная тема вызовет интерес к традициям и обычаям страны изучаемого языка и поможет применению полученных знаний на практике с целью культурного развития.

В наши дни много праздников и все они имеют свое название. Их множество в каждой стране, и у каждой есть свои знаменательные даты, которых нет ни в какой другой, но есть и общие между многими странами.

Основные государственные праздники стран существовали в разные времена, но до сих пор они не потеряли своего значения, поскольку являются неотъемлемой частью жизни каждого человека.

Чтобы понять народы других стран, недостаточно знания лишь языка, нужно знать культуру и историю этой страны, что и является предметом исследования.

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Die Geschichte des Meissener Porzellans Ich habe dieses Thema gewhlt, denn ich interessiere mich fr Kunstwerk Deutschlands.

300 Jahre Manufaktur MEISSEN Die Manufaktur MEISSEN feiert im Jahr 2010 mit zahl-reichen Veranstaltungen und Aussteltungen ihr 300-jhriges Jubilum.

Mit der Erfindung des Hartporzellans und der darauf folgenden Grndung der PorzellanManufaktur MEISSEN im Jahr 1710 nahm die Geschichte des europischen Porzellans ihren Anfang.

Im Jahr 2010 feiert die Manufaktur MEISSEN ihre Grndung und ihr dreihundertjhriges Bestehen.

In der ersten Fertigungssttte der Manufaktur auf der Meissener Albrechtsburg begann die enzigartige Erfolgsgeschichte des Meissener Porzellans. ber Jahrhunderte und Generationen begeistert der feine weie Scherben mit den gekreuzten blauen Schwertern Freunde und Liebhaber des Porzellans und trgt knstlerischen Anspruch und Innovationsgeist aus Sachsen in alle Welt. Der Mythos der Marke MEISSEN, einer der weltweit fhrenden Luxusmarken, manifestiert sich seit 300 Jahren in meisterlichem Kunsthandwerk, eigener sthetik, Individualitt, Sinnlichkeit und Wertigkeit.

Dafr stehen kostbare Porzellane aus den Bereichen Fine Living & Home Art, Fine Dining und Fine Jewellry & Accessories.

Die Grndung der Manufaktur war ein Ereignis von europischem Rang, die Feier ihres 300.

Jubilums im Jahr 2010 ist von weltweiter Bedeutung. Anlass genug, Gste aus aller Welt nach Meien einzuladen.

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The consequences of the integration of the Crimea to the Russian Federation Our world is rather politicized. I think that one of the most important events this year was the annexation of the Crimea. So in my report I decided to analyze the reason and possible consequences for this for this act.

For this purpose I tried to investigate geographical position of this peninsula and find a lot of benefits and positive aspects of it. The Crimean peninsula became very famous due to its unique and magnetical nature and rather special geographical position. The peninsula‘s nature is very unusual and self-contained.

The Crimea has a long history. It was conquered by the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great in 1783. After the victory in Russian-Turkish war, Turkey signed a treaty of peace by which The Crimean peninsula was annexed to The Russian Empire. Since the XVIth century The Crimea was the part of Russia.

19 February 1954, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine. Supreme Soviet Decree states that this transfer was motivated by "the commonality of the economy, the proximity, and close economic and cultural relations between the Crimean region and the Ukrainian SSR". With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Crimea became part of the newly independent Ukraine, which led to tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Crimean status referendum, 2014 was a referendum on the status of Crimea held on March 16, 2014, by the legislature of Autonomous Republic of Crimea as well as by the local government of Sevastopol, both subdivisions of Ukraine at the time. The official result from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was a 96.77 percent vote for integration of the region into the Russian Federation with an

83.1 percent voter turnout.

In the final part of my report I try to analyze the prospects of the integration of the Crimea to the Russian Federation.

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Нелегальная миграция В настоящее время проблема нелегальной миграции действительно актуальна. Сегодня уже считается нормальным, что наши улицы чистят люди из Средней Азии, бизнес ведется людьми с Кавказа, и акты терроризма совершаются людьми с Дальнего Востока. Мы уже не замечаем большое количество мигрантов, которые нас окружают, потому что мы привыкли к этому. И именно поэтому я решила сделать проект по этой теме. Он состоит из девяти частей, в том числе включая вступление, основную часть, заключение, литературу и словарь. В основной части первая глава говорит значении миграции и ее теориях, объясняющие международный поток капитала и людей из одной страны в другую.

Вторая тема о причинах миграции, где я привожу статистическую базу данных. И третья тема об этнонациональных конфликтах, где я показываю, какого рода совершаются преступления, так же я представляю карту Москвы, которая делится на несколько этнических кланов, предлагаю информацию о них, в том числе об их специализациях. Я провела социологический опрос, чтобы узнать мнение гражданина РФ к этой проблеме. Он состоит из четырех вопросов об их отношении к мигрантам. Я также использую статистическую информацию и диаграммы из различных источников. Следующий пункт о правовых и административных мерах по борьбе с незаконной миграцией в нашей стране. Составленный мной словарь имеет все необходимые слова, употребляемые в исследовательской работе.

–  –  –

Hippotherapy: The Mysterious Art of Healing or the Art of Rehabilitation?

In our project we investigate hippotherapy. Hippotherapy is roughly translated to horse therapy, as hippo means horse in Greek. However, hippotherapy is not therapy for horses, but therapy for people that uses horses in lieu of the normal physical therapy equipment.

Therapy that uses horses is a very effective sensory integration therapy for autism and like other sensory approaches, hippotherapy can help improve communication, making it ideal for speech therapists to use as well.

The main aim of our project is popularizing hippotherapy as one of the most effective way of modern treatment.

We can outline the problem of our work in this question: Hippotherapy: The Mysterious Art of Healing or the Art of Rehabilitation?

We consider (our hypothesis): hippotherapy is the Art of Rehabilitation.

Therapeutic riding is an individualized program of restorative and enjoyable activities where riders learn horsemanship skills. These skills translate into improved balance, strength and flexibility for the rider.It is very actual because such studies have shown that riding can cultivate self-confidence and communication skills for children and adults with emotional and psychological disabilities. It is also used to provide those with life-threatening illnesses a reprieve from the pain and depression associated with medical treatment. The riders develop a benficial relationship with their horse through grooming, caring for and getting to know the horse.

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Импрессионизм в русской живописи Исследование выполнено и будет представлено на французском языке.

Цель – раскрыть причины возникновения и особенности импрессионизма в русской живописи конца 19 - начала 20 веков. Актуальность исследования определяется с одной стороны - личным интересом автора к культурологическим аспектам французского языка как второго иностранного, с другой – отсутствием исчерпывающей информации по данному вопросу в курсах изучения МХК, истории и французского языка в школе. Результаты анкетирования учащихся 9-11 классов выявили отсутствие у них полных и точных знаний по теме исследования.

В начале исследования была выдвинута гипотеза, что в ходе своего развития русский импрессионизм не копировал слепо каноны классического импрессионизма, а приобретал свои национальные особенности, определяемые менталитетом художника.

Работа состоит из трех частей (глав). В первой части мы выделяем основные характеристики классического французского импрессионизма. Во второй главе на основе изученной литературы и анализа творчества представителей русского импрессионизма мы делаем первичные выводы о своеобразии русского импрессионизма. Третья часть – экспериментальная, в ходе которой мы подтверждаем истинность основной гипотезы исследования и первичных выводов первой главы. Нами были отобраны наиболее известные полотна представителей французского и русского импрессионизма и проведен их анализ по четырем параметрам: жанр, цветовая палитра, сюжет, впечатления от созерцания картины.

Сопоставление результатов анализа подтвердило наши предположения о национальном колорите импрессионизма в русской живописи, а также четко выявил логическую последовательность аспектов, определяющих данную особенность.

Результаты исследования могут быть использованы как текстовый материал на уроках французского языка, в ходе преподавания МХК и истории.

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UFO, fact or fiction Everyone's done it - looked up into the sky, seen an object, thought "Oh, that is an airplane," and then taken a second look. Although some archeologists believe that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been documented in cave drawings by early man, the first official investigation of UFOs began during World War II when military aircraft crews reported seeing fast moving, glowing objects in the sky over Germany.

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The life, given to the fleet Предлагаемая презентация направлена на использование английской лексики, поэзии, раскрывающие историю жизни, Горацио Нельсона, человека, которым гордится Англия.

Адмирал Горацио Нельсон отдал свою жизнь английскому флоту. Его слова:

«Англия ждет, что каждый человек выполнит свой долг», в полной мере характеризуют этого великого человека.

Его жизнь может стать примером для всех, кто мечтает посвятить свою жизнь служению Отечеству».

В презентации использованы материалы Интернет-сайтов, статьи из журнала «Speak out», стихи поэта Уолта Уитмена.

–  –  –

Влияние пейзажа на настроение и эмоции людей Everyone knows that art influences the way people think and feel.

The topic of my research is: how pictures of nature of great artists from different ages and countries may influence the feelings and thoughts of a person.

In my research I used a lot of different paintings of different painters. But I mostly used Russian painters‘ pictures because Russian landscape is like no one in the world.

My research in intended to understand how a pattern of landscape influences feelings of people.

In my research you can also see some tips for people who want and like to have pieces of art on the walls.

–  –  –

The fashion of XX century In the beginning of the century the trend in the fashion world was introduced by the innovative designer, a legend and simply elegant woman Coco Chanel.

Fashion 20-ies and 30-ies suggested to women wear men's suits and shortened the length of the dresses.

World war II had a great influence on the fashoin of 30-ies and 40-ies.

In the late 40's and early 50-ies in the world of fashion was a new era.

The 60-ies are under the sign of the socio-cultural revolution.

Fashion of the late 60's-early 70-ies was influenced by the hippie movement.

Fashion of the 80's was brighter, sexier and brosche and proceeded from the extreme kinds of style.

Generic style of the 90's-it is not a style, but a new approach to clothing, a new principle of the creation of the costume and image.

–  –  –

Социальные сети в жизни современного подростка Социальные сети открывают безграничные возможности для развлечений и общения с друзьями, однако мало кто использует их для образования. В данной работе изучается информация о рациональном использовании социальных сетей; исследуется их влияние на подростков и предлагается список интернет - сообществ полезных в образовательном процессе.

–  –  –

Welcome to the British coast! (Top holiday destinations) Цель проекта: выяснить

А) является ли город Брайтон самым популярным курортом на побережье Великобритании и

Б) какие места на побережье Великобритании наиболее благоприятны для отдыха

Методы проведения исследования:



-аналитический Результат работы над проектом. Найден ответ на поставленный вопрос (см. цель проекта а). Отобраны и представлены в презентации самые интересные прибрежные районы и пляжи Великобритании, на которых можно действительно отдохнуть с удовольствием.

Вывод, тезисы.

Несомненно, сколько людей, столько и мнений. Но все же на острове 1) Великобритания есть объективно (в силу погодных условий и развитой инфраструктуры) хорошие курортные места. К их числу относятся

–  –  –

The best ways to organize time for teenagers Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals complying with a due date. Initially, time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time management system is a designed combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods. Time management is usually a necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion time and scope.

The aim of this project is to study how to organize time competently. Objectives of the project are: to find some effective methods for organizing time, to describe advantages and disadvantages of these methods and to consider pupils‘ opinions.

Assume that many people our days have problems with organizing time. I‘ve done my own research and figured out that most of them don‘t know any methods for organizing time. I proposed them some methods (for example ABC analysis, POSEC method) and pupils didn‘t know about them. I made a conclusion that these methods are not popular.

There are a lot of articles on this topic too. I think people should read and use it. These thing will help them.

As an entrepreneur, time can be one of your most precious assets. Effective time management involves planning the amount of time you spend on all of the tasks of running a business - and your personal life - to get things done in the most effective and productive manner.

You can improve your time management skills by using a range of tools and techniques used to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals. Some of the elements of effective time management include creating a productive environment, setting of priorities and reducing distractions.

–  –  –

Что влияет на грамотность учеников?

Я, Крылов Денис, ученик 5 класса, выполнил исследовательскую работу с целью:

выявить, влияет ли чтение на грамотность. Мне показалось интересным высказывание учительницы: «Кто много читает, тот грамотно пишет». Так ли это? Я заинтересовался, и учительница предложила мне проверить это утверждение путем эксперимента.

–  –  –

Traditionelle Feste in Deutschland In Deutschland gibt es viele interessante Festen: Advent, Nikolaustag, Oktoberfest, Silvester und andere.

Vier Sonntage vor Weinachten heien Advent. Alle machen einen Kranz aus Tannenzweigen mit vier Kerzen.

Am 6. Dezember feiern die Katholiken den Tag des Heiligen Nikolaus. Kleine Kinder stellen Ihre Schuhe und Stiefel vor Tr und in der Nacht kommt der Heilige Nikolaus und legt kleine Geschenke in ihre Schuhe.

Der letzte Tag des Kalenderjahres heit Silvester.

Oktoberfest ist das grte Volksfest. Seine Lnge betrgt 16 Tage. Das Fest zeichnet sich durch viel Bier Zelte und vielfltige Attraktionen.

Aber das wichtigste Fest fr Deutschland ist Weinachten. Man stellt den Christenbaum auf und smckt ihn.

–  –  –

Ireland, a Fabulous Emerald Country If somewhere there is a fabulous emerald country, of course, it is Ireland.

It‘s hard to say who painted Ireland emerald colour, but you can‘t see any colour on this small island but green. Trees are green, airplanes are green, so is school uniform and even workers wear green vests. Ireland isn't the country which is visited a lot. Only few people are interest in it. Fortunately, I was in Ireland in summer of 2013, I practiced my English. I want to tell you about Ireland, to share my experience about the trip and to show how interesting this country is for Russian tourists.

Goals of my work are:

To analyze all the materials about Ireland and to try to identify recreational opportunities of the country for Russian tourists;

To inform my classmates and everyone who is interested in this wonderful country about the results of my project work.

The table of contents of my work includes the following topics: geographical position, climate and landscape, history, sights of the country in general and its capital in particular, outstanding people of Ireland, some useful information for travelers.

The results of my work are:

I have collected materials and made a completed presentation for an English lesson and the conference.

I have learned how to cook the national apple pie.

–  –  –

Terrorism is an awful and destructive event nowadays. Unfortunately terrorist attacks happen every year all over the world. As a result a huge number of people become homeless, injure and die. In such situations people don‘t know what to do and where to go. As the proverb says Man proposes, God disposes. Nowadays a lot of different terrorist organizations have started religious wars. They wage wars against peaceful and innocent people. Ordinary people lose their lives without any reasons.

But the most terrible thing is that little unprotected children lose their hope to life in such wars. They could become brave and noble, honest and kind. But exploding bombs and flashes of fire, sounds of guns and screams of people ruined their fragile souls. Children who survived in such attacks will never forget them. Usually they lose their childhood forever The aim of our project is to find out what our pupils know about terrorism, the main terrorist attacks in and out of Russia, the reasons and the causes of these attacks. We would like to show people that if we are hostages it doesn‘t matter how old you are. Children can behave in extreme situations ever wiser than adults. Even if we can‘t solve this problem ourselves, we can express our own opinion and ideas on this subject. We are sure that in our country freedom of voice is available for everybody.

–  –  –

Independent eco-villages Topicality of the chosen topic: Last year I took part in the science practical conference Children are creators of the XXI century. I presented some interesting information about unusual houses, which enjoy people of different countries. I have no stopped my interest on this topic. Nowadays the fact of international community whose goal is to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable is getting more and more attractive. That‘s why I have chosen this topic which is without doubt important and actual. It is at the same time about science, technology and everyday life.

The objectives of the research work are to find out information about Eco-villages, to learn the perspectives of Eco-villages, especially in my country, to interview my classmates and to compare their opinions, to make up a leaflet, to create the final conception of the Eco-village area.

Hypothesis: Some people believe that Eco-village has become one of the main community trends in the world, some people disagree with this fact. However, there are persons who do not know about it or do not care at all.

The methods of researching: comparison, analysis, studying thematic literature. Learning the theme, I have read different sources of information: special books and websites connected with this topic, compared some information and made the analysis of the data from a survey.

The research work consists of introduction, main chapter, which consists of 7 parts (main and actual ideas of communication, eco-village definition and history, advantages of eco-villages, important facts in eco-housing and green building of Eco-village, Eco-village systems, the final conception of the Eco-village area) and conclusion with the survey.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the topic is useful for people nowadays, because it is not only our present, but our future too. From my point of view, in the nearest future eco-villages should be grown.

–  –  –

Making natural paints by ourselves Topicality of the chosen topic: Familiar to us paints really consist of various chemical modifications. And if you have the Allergy, shall we draw or not? Or if a small child draws you should watch, because he can suddenly put something in his mouth. I decided to create paints based on food products and their compounds.

Relevance and novelty: From the book "Old recipes" by B. N. Golovkin I have learned that in ancient times people used natural dyes for dyeing of fabrics. They were made from the bark of trees, which was boiled with alum and others. In another book for the experiment with fabric paint there were suggested the using of new birch leaves, needles and young spruce cones, fallen leaves lime. In the next experiment we were offered to change the colour of natural colours by using the acid (1% hydrochloric acid, 0.025% citric acid, 6-9% acetic acid) or alkalis.

Tree bark, young or fallen leaves, needles, cones satisfied exactly hard to get, especially in large quantity, and the proposed acid is inaccessible and also dangerous. I began to think, than they can be replaced. Instead of bark, leaves and so on, I decided to use fruit and vegetables, as well as alkalis and acids like lemon juice and baking soda. This topic is without doubt important and actual in our everyday life. It is important because we should take care of our health and health of all children.

That‘s why we need to know some important information about them and know how to use it.

Hypothesis: It is possible to create from food additives for harmless paints.

The object of the research is the food and chemistry industries.

The subject of the research is the vegetable products (berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers).

The aim of my work is to create from food environmentally friendly paints which are harmless when injected into the human body.

In order to achieve this aim the followings tasks are set:

1. To find and to read sources of information on the topic including different journals, online resources, books and etc.,

2. To analyse the data,

3. To choose fruit and vegetables and to find out if the colour of juice or decoction will be changed when I change its pH or it will be persistent and bright,

4. To find harmless additives that can change the acidity of juice and broth,

5. To work out the algorithm of experiments for research of changing of the colour of different kinds of juice, to conduct these experiments, to fix and to analyze the results,

6. To choose the most available and cheap colouring fruits and vegetables from which you can make paints of different colours,

7. To work out the methods of storage of paints.

The methods of researching: comparison, analysis, studying thematic literature, classification,

summarising and systematisation. Studying this topic I have read a lot of sources of information:

special books and web-sites connected with this theme, compared some information, made experiments and researched a lot. In my experiments I used different kinds of juice and decoctions of various products.

The research work consists of introduction, main chapter which includes 8 parts and conclusion:

1. Adding certain chemical substances in some juice and decoctions of a number of coloured natural food changing in the acidity leads to changes in their colour, which confirms put forward my hypothesis.

2. Based on the investigated product is easy to make available, not expensive and harmless to humans paints for drawing, you can make yourself at home.

3. For preparation of paints better to use coloured fluids and broths vegetable products (berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers) and add soda and lemon or cranberry juice and food thickeners.

4. The results of my project can be used for entertaining children and their inclusion in the chemistry: the children will see that the most common edible products become after simple transformations of various colours, which they will be able to draw something.

–  –  –

Studying in the USA Topicality of the chosen topic: It is well known that, a lot of students from all around the world every year challenge themselves in a competitive admission game to many US colleges. But why do they do it and is it worth of a struggle? My answer is yes and this year I have tried to prove it by applying to 22 colleges in the USA.

The aim of the research work is to find out attributes that a prospective student of a US college must have and to find out if it is worth of trying to apply to college in the USA for an International student.

The specific objectives:

• To explain basics of American educational system;

• To tell about requirements for applying to colleges in the United States, like testing requirements, English language proficiency requirements, financial aid and scholarships one can receive while studying in the US;

• To make up the questionnaire and then to carry out the survey in my class;

• To sum up the results and data, and make a conclusion;

Hypothesis: United States colleges are great places to continue education for many international students.

The methods of researching: comparison, analysis, studying thematic literature. Learning the theme, I have read different sources of information: special books and websites connected with this topic, compared some information and made the analysis of the data from a survey.

The research work consists of introduction, 3 main parts and conclusion: The 1st Part contains overview of an American Educational system. The 2nd Part includes facts, tips and commentaries about requirements for successful application to a college in the USA for an international student. The 3rd Part consists of results from a questionnaire, in which I've asked my classmates about their thoughts of attending a college or a university abroad, set the countries that they prefer most of all, and a special question about applying to colleges in the USA.

My practical part is that this year I have tried to prove it by applying to 22 colleges in the USA.

In conclusion I will sum up the data gathered from my classmates and provide my personal experience of applying to a college in the US.

I hope that my project will help you to find something new about attending a college in the USA, and that you have learned valuable tips from me, as I am a recent applicant and a future student of an American college.

–  –  –

Байкеры: мифы и легенды элиты неформальной субкультуры. Исследование культуры байкеров как особого социума Скорость… Свобода… Опасность… Эти три понятия – основа байкерской культуры.

В настоящее время байкеры – это не группы плохо организованных мотохулиганов, наводящих ужас на обывателей, а мощная социальная общность со своей структурой, традициями и обычаями. Кожаные куртки, жилетки, нашивки и, конечно, железные кони – мощные мотоциклы – пожалуй, это вс, что возникает в сознании обычного человека.

Считается, что байкеры появились в Америке, а потом эта культура распространилась на весь мир. Вокруг байкеров всегда плодится огромное количество мифов и легенд.

Цель данного проекта – исследовать культуру байкеров.

Гипотеза проекта – байкеры представляют собой особый социум, имеющий собственные культурные особенности, обычаи и традиции.

Задачи проекта: 1. Проследить историю возникновения байкеров.

2. Изучить структуру байкерского сообщества, его обычаи и традиции.

3. Рассмотреть культурную составляющую байкерского сообщества (с точки зрения изобразительного и декоративно-прикладного искусства, музыки, кино, литературы) Практическая реализация проекта: оформление джинсовой жилетки в соответствии с нормами байкерского сообщества.

Список литературы:

1. http:// ru.wikipedia.org

2. http://www.motonews.ru/top/biker/

3. http://bajkery.ru

4. http://fighting.su

5. http://www.subcult.ru

6. http://bikersmag.com

7. http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/slang/biker-gang-slang.html

–  –  –

Кокни: утерянное достояние. Исследование культуры кокни как ярких представителей коренных жителей Лондона В современной программе по английскому языку, к сожалению, недостаточно раскрываются лингвострановедческие и культурологические аспекты страны изучаемого языка.

Правильный, классический, английский язык, изучаемый в школе, нечасто услышишь на улицах Лондона. Большое количество диалектов – это, несомненно, результат особенности столицы, в которой, как правило, большое количество некоренных лондонцев. Однако, даже представители различных социальных слоев с трудом понимают друг друга. С этой точки зрения особняком стоит «кокни».

Что такое «кокни»? Это слово включает в себя два понятия: 1. Пренебрежительнонасмешливое прозвище уроженца Лондона из средних и низших слоев населения. 2. Диалект, на котором говорят представители средних и низших слоев населения Лондона.

В последнее время возрос интерес к кокни: появляется много статей об этом культурном явлении, снимаются фильмы с использованием диалекта кокни и т.д.

Итак, целью данного проекта является исследование кокни как культурного явления.

Основная гипотеза проекта: кокни является неотъемлемой частью британской культуры.

Задачи проекта:

1. Изучить особенности культуры кокни.

2. Изучить особенности диалекта кокни.

3. Практическая реализация проекта: создание развивающей игры для учащихся начальной школы на основе рифмованного диалекта кокни и комплекта одежды (для кукол) для оформления кабинета английского языка.

4. Данная тема позволит учащимся лучше понять культуру Великобритании, узнать об особенностях кокни и научиться элементам разговорной речи лондонцев.

Список литературы:

1. http://best-repetitor.jimdo.com

2. http:// ru.wikipedia.org

3. http://englishgames.ru

4. http://airyschool.ru

5. Толковый словарь иноязычных слов. — 2008

6. Журнал "Обучение за рубежом" - №4 апрель 2000

7. Кейт Фокс. Наблюдая за англичанами: скрытые правила поведения.

8. Speak Out. What are the British like? Глосса-пресс.

–  –  –

Слава Русского оружейного промысла Introduction The theme of our project is «The Glory of the Russian Armoury Craft». The choice of this topic is not accidental. The year of the 70th anniversary of our victory over fascism makes everybody think about the glory of Russian soldiers and armory. Our project deals with the traditional Russian Craft which has a very rich history and acquired talents and efforts of many generations of Russian masters.

Purpose The aim of our research is to learn the history of Armoury in Old Russia.

Tasks To show diverse Russian Armour, different types of ancient weapons, the value of the banner in the Old-Russian army and Russian warriors. We've made an attempt to understand: What makes Russian bravery and soldier‘s character so distinctively Russian? How did the ages of constant military threat influence specific Russian patriotism?

Methods We have read a lot of reference books and books on history, art and war catalogues and leaflets on the topic both in English and Russian. Besides we have used some materials from our great grandfathers‘ collections, as well as the Internet. Our visits to different war and history museums and crafts centres have helped us a lot too. Also you can see the results of our language survey on the topic (Russian armory vocabulary, conclusion). Our paper contains colourful illustrations of the Old Russian weapons.


In the Introduction we speak about the main trends in developing Armoury craft in Russia from the 9th up to the 17th century. Armament, the tactics of battle, the system of military science passed a number of the stages in their development.

Pages:     | 1 |   ...   | 3 | 4 || 6 | 7 |   ...   | 8 |

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«АННОТАЦИЯ Дисциплина «Бюджетное право» реализуется как дисциплина вариативной части блока «Профессиональный цикл» Учебного плана специальности – 40.05.01 «Правовое обеспечение национальной безопасности» очной формы обучения. Учебная дисциплина «Бюджетное право» нацелена на формирование у обучающихся знаний об основах бюджетного устройства государства, составления, рассмотрения, исполнения и контроля за исполнением государственного бюджета и бюджетов субъектов федерации, входящих в бюджетную...»

«Проект «Команда Губернатора Ваша оценка» УТВЕРЖДАЮ Глава Тарногского муниципального района _С.М.Гусев 13 января 2015 года Публичный доклад о результатах деятельности Главы Тарногского муниципального района за 2014 год с.Тарногский Городок 2015 год Аннотация Глава Тарногского муниципального района осуществляет полномочия по решению вопросов, возложенных на органы местного самоуправления в сфере дорожной деятельности, образования, культуры, межнациональных отношений, общественной безопасности и...»

«ПРОГРАММА РАЗВИТИЯ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО БЮДЖЕТНОГО ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНОГО УЧРЕЖДЕНИЯ ГОРОДА МОСКВЫ ЦЕНТРА ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ № 16 (ГБОУ ЦО № 1613) ОГЛАВЛЕНИЕ Наименование раздела Стр. Введение Паспорт Информационно-аналитическая справка о Центре образования 1. Организационно-правовое обеспечение деятельности образовательного учреждения 2. Общие сведения 3. Контингент Аналитико-прогностическое обоснование программы 1 Аналитическое обоснование Программы 2. Результативность образовательной деятельности 3....»

«Материалы IV Всероссийской научно-практической конференции 17 апреля 2015 года МОЛОДЫЕ УЧЁНЫЕ В РЕШЕНИИ АКТУАЛЬНЫХ ПРОБЛЕМ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ Молодые учёные в решении актуальных проблем безопасности: Материалы IV Всероссийской научно-практической конференции. г. Железногорск, 17 апреля 2015 года / Составители: Мельник А.А., Батуро А.Н., Давиденко А.Е., Калюжина Ж.С. – г. Железногорск, 2015. – 236 с. Научно-практическая конференция «Молодые ученые в решении актуальных проблем безопасности» состоялась...»

«Утвержден решением коллегии МЧС России от 17 июня 2014 г. № 8/П1. МИНИСТЕРСТВО РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ПО ДЕЛАМ ГРАЖДАНСКОЙ ОБОРОНЫ, ЧРЕЗВЫЧАЙНЫМ СИТУАЦИЯМ И ЛИКВИДАЦИИ ПОСЛЕДСТВИЙ СТИХИЙНЫХ БЕДСТВИЙ ДОКЛАД о результатах и основных направлениях деятельности Министерства Российской Федерации по делам гражданской обороны, чрезвычайным ситуациям и ликвидации последствий стихийных бедствий на 2014 2017 годы г. Москва 2014 г. Оглавление.9 Введение I. Основные результаты деятельности МЧС России в...»

«Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования «РОССИЙСКАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ НАРОДНОГО ХОЗЯЙСТВА И ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЙ СЛУЖБЫ ПРИ ПРЕЗИДЕНТЕ РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ» УТВЕРЖДАЮ Проректор _А.М. Марголин «_»20 г. ПРОГРАММА-МИНИМУМ Кандидатского экзамена по специальности «Политические проблемы международных отношений, глобального и регионального развития» по политическим наукам Программа обсуждена на заседании кафедры «_» 2015г. Протокол № _ Смульский С.В....»

«Адатпа Осы дипломды жоба мнай тасмалдау дерісіні автоматты басару жйесін Matlab жне Master Scada бадарлама ру орталары кмегімен жасауына арналан. Жобаны жзеге асыру масатымен мнай технологиясыны мселесі арастырылды, автоматтандыру модель жасалынды, еркін бадарламаланатын логиалы контроллер жне техниалы лшеу ралдары тандалды, SCADA-жйесі жасалынды. міртіршілік аупсіздігі жне технико–экономикалы негіздеу мселелері арастырылды. Аннотация Данный дипломный проект посвящен разработке автоматической...»

«Глава 4. Состояние загрязнения окружающей среды на территориях и акваториях, полностью или частично входящих в АЗРФ, а также Республики Коми и ХантыМансийского автономного округа – Югра 4.3.6. Радиоактивное загрязнение СОДЕРЖАНИЕ Введение Природные уровни воздействия ионизирующих излучений на человека Российские нормы радиационной безопасности (НРБ-99/2009) Глобальные, региональные и местные источники радионуклидов Ядерные испытания 1945 – 1990...»

«Положение о VIII Всероссийском слёте-конкурсе юных инспекторов движения (VII смена, программа «Дороги без опасности»: 21, 22 августа – 10, 11 сентября, 2015 год) 1. Общие положения 1.1. Слёт-конкурс юных инспекторов движения «Дороги без опасности» (далее – Слётконкурс) направлен на активизацию деятельности образовательных учреждений по обучению детей правилам безопасного поведения на дорогах и профилактике детского дорожно-транспортного травматизма.1.2. Слёт-конкурс является лично-командным...»

«Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Саратовский государственный технический университет имени Гагарина Ю.А.» Кафедра «Природная и техносферная безопасность» РАБОЧАЯ ПРОГРАММА По дисциплине ОПД.Ф.06 «Безопасность жизнедеятельности» направления подготовки 630100 (270300) «Архитектура» По специальности 290100 (270301) «Архитектура» форма обучения – очная курс – 4,6 семестр – 7,11 часов в неделю – 1 всего часов – 51 в том числе: лекции – 30...»

«Научно-техническая поддержка регулирующей деятельности Научно-исследовательские работы в области ядерной и радиационной безопасности В 2010 г. научная поддержка регулирующей деятельности Федеральной службы по экологическому, технологическому и атомному надзору осуществлялась ФБУ «НТЦ ЯРБ» в рамках федеральной целевой программы «Обеспечение ядерной и радиационной безопасности на 2008 год и на период до 2015 года» (ФЦП ОЯРБ), федеральной целевой программы «Пожарная безопасность в Российской...»

«\. MtrHlrcrEpcrBo cnJrbcroro xo3flfrcrBA poc clrfr cnofr OEAEPAIIUI oEAEPAJIbHOE f OCyAAPCTBBHHOE EIOAXETHOE OEPA3OBATEJIbHOEyIIPEII(AEHTIE BbICIIIETO IIPOOBCCIIOHAJIbHOI O OEPA3OBAH.VIfl (trxEB cKA,fl r o c yAAp c TBEHHA.fl c EJIr cKoxo 3sfr c TnEHHA-fl AKAAE MLI]fl) Per.J\b 6^ /{76 ffistffi Ij+^'r;$ffij i'i 04) I cgaY I PABOIIA.fl fIPOIPAMMA OgHarcoprnremHas upaKrnKa HanpaureHne noAroroBnr{ TexHgflorllqecKnx flpquegcoBu IpOIB3OACTB IlpoQn.rrb noAroroBKrr (Ee3OnaCHOCTb, (crenenr) nrrrrycKgrlKa...»

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